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Firm Beats Asda To Cheapest UK Digital Camera With £3.49 Model

Asda claimed to be selling Britain's cheapest digital camera with a Kids Cars 2 Disney or a Kids Disney Princess camera for £14 when collected instore (add £2.95 for home delivery).

The camera has a 300K pixel sensor and takes pictures with a VGA resolution (640x480 pixels). It can store up to 319 photos on its 8MB internal memory.

It can also be used as a webcam thanks to a built in microUSB port. The webcam should be compatible with a range of Microsoft OSes from XP to Windows 7.

However, there's a little known online retailer, Bentham, which took over Morgan Computers back in 2009 and also operates IJTdirect, which sells a camera, the TS300, for just £3.49 - a price which includes free delivery and is almost 80 per cent less than Asda's offer.

As for the other model, it can also take VGA pictures, work as a webcam or as a video recorder and can take up to 209 pictures.

Alternatively, you can get a camera phone, the Samsung E2121B from as little as £14.90 unlocked with £10 top up on Vodafone. That phone comes with a VGA camera with 7MB onboard memory and a microSD card slot that's expandable to 2GB.