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Google TV Compatible Sets to Be Featured at Upcoming CES

Google's Google TV platform got a new lease on life after consumer electronic giants announced they would offer Google TV compatible Internet connected TVs.

Google said that its new partners will showcase new Google TV powered TV sets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.

The company had initially partnered with Logitech to offer Google TV set-top-boxes to consumers in the US. The effort failed to impress consumers and Logitech was forced to withdraw support for Google TV after losing $100 million.

Almost all major TV makers are offering connected televisions to users that allow them to surf the web and watch web videos in their living rooms. Connected TVs that come built-in with Google TV not only allow users to surf the web and watch videos on YouTube but also use Android apps and games.

After launching a new update for Google TV last year, the company has been busy roping in developers and TV partners to take another shot in the connected TV market.

"Since launching the update, we've seen our activation rates more than double. New features and new apps are coming to the living room via Google TV almost every day," the company said in a blog post.