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Micro Projector Case for iPhone 4 / 4S Can Also Charge your Handset

A new handy high-tech accessory for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 can add a new dimension to your multimedia experience, whether for entertainment or business purposes, as well as boost your phone's battery life.

The Sanwa 400-PRJ011 micro projector fits onto the iPhone and can project images, video files, movies or games onto a wall for your friends or colleagues to share; and as an added bonus it also acts as a battery charger when the projector function is switched off.

As Sanwa, the case maker, announces on its website, the 400-PRJ011 has a DLP micro projector able to produce images of up to 65 inches with a 640×360 resolution and 1,000:1 contrast ratio. The internal speakers of the device enhance those of the iPhone to deliver better sound.

The projector doesn't need the iPhone's battery to function, it uses the built-in 2,100mAh battery. When the projector is turned off, the gadget can charge the iPhone; it takes 5 hours to charge up, and can then project for two and a half hours.

The Sanwa 400-PRJ011 has already been released on the Japanese market where the price is about $260. International customers will have to wait a little longer, though the manufacturer hasn't announced a global release date yet. The new device is also expected to make an impression in the enterprise environment.