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Microsoft, Datel Settle Xbox 360 Patent Lawsuit

Microsoft and accessory manufacturer, Datel, settled a Xbox 360 patent lawsuit and an antitrust litigation against one another.

In the month of November 2009, the Staffordshire based company Datel filed a suit against Microsoft Corp and accused the software giant of blocking few Datel accessories from operating via a Xbox 360 dashboard update. The company claimed that the update was meant to block Datel's Max Memory cards, reported Bloomberg.

In 2010, Microsoft initiated a legal action against the accessory manufacturer. Microsoft alleged that Datel infringed patent held by Microsoft that dealt with the way in which peripheral devices are used with a wireless gaming console. This forced Datel to remake the controllers and stopped importing the TurboFire 2 Xbox 360 Wireless. Microsoft claimed that Datel's WildFire and TurboFire controllers were in violation of patents held by the Xbox manufacturer.

The case was withdrawn later but, Microsoft kept on pursuing for compensations for previous infringements.

On 30th December all the cases have been settled between Microsoft and Datel Design and Development Inc. but, details of this settlement have not been disclosed yet. However, a Microsoft spokesman, Kevin Kutz, stated that terms of this deal have been approved "to the satisfaction of both parties".