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New HTC Smartphone, HD8, Seen Running Windows Phone 7 Build 7740

Even though the Windows Phone operating system is not the most favourite operating system in the world, the latest Mango version has been quite successful. Now it seems a new smartphone from HTC, named HD8, currently in the pipeline was recently spotted operating on Windows Phone 7 Build 7740.

The new phone has been viewed as a follow up of the HTC HD 7 and will continue the lineage of Windows Phone 6.5 powered HTC HD2.

Also known as the Apollo handset, the HD 8 might turn out to be a Windows 7 device. The rumours about the handset grew stronger when "application stats running Build 7740 of Windows Phone 7" were spotted, reports Ubergizmo.

Thus, it seems a unit like this located somewhere in Romania is operating on the Vodafone network - which indicates testing of the device on Romanian network carrier. And while this confirms nothing, maybe the company has plans to unveil the new phone during Consumer Electronics Show to be held next week or at the Mobile World Congress to be held in February.

It seems CES 2012 has lots of surprises waiting for the entire world. This is an exciting time for smartphone fans all over the world.