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New LG Windows Phone Still a Mystery

News regarding a new LG Windows Phone was leaked which added fuel to the many rumours. The device does not look like the LG Fantasy which was disclosed a few days ago. The new device is quite different from the Fantasy - for example, the front facing camera is located toward the right side of the device. The Bing Search button has also been designed differently.

The poster of an image of this device only says, "LG's engineering machine, etc. when you can see at CES. Not for sale," reports WP Central.

This new Windows Phone 7 device has a sliding keyboard at its bottom and looks very similar to the Palm Pre look-wise.

According to various reports and rumours, other specifications of this device are that it has a minimum 1GHz processor, a multi-touch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution, 8 GB internal memory; most probably GPS and Bluetooth.

Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is next week and it seems lot has been going world in the world of technology and electronics with so many announcements, rumours and expectations from all the leading companies in the world. This is an exciting time for both technology companies and fans.