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Noon News: Android Siri Look-alike Iris, Cisco Umi Conferencing Service, Microsoft Acquiring Nokia?

The first Android voice control assistant similar to the iPhone 4S stand-out feature Siri, has received a boost by getting popular Q&A website ChaCha on board, ReadWriteWeb reports. Iris was developed by India-based firm Dexetra and was announced just hours after Siri was introduced to the world; the app features a similar user interface employing voice recognition technology.

After various claims that leading executives of Microsoft and Nokia met in Las Vegas to finalise the deal, rumours that Microsoft is acquiring Nokia's smartphone division have resurfaced and received a strong boost. According to international phone reviewer, Eldar Murtazin, Andy Lees and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Kai Oistamo and Stephen Elop of Nokia are all set to transfer the smartphone division to be managed under a Microsoft led name and not under the name Nokia.

In an attempt to streamline its operations, enterprise networking giant Cisco has decided to axe its much hyped Skype alternative, Umi home video conferencing service. The company said the Umi video conferencing hardware, launched back in October 2010, will no longer be offered in the consumer market.

Quanta has filed a lawsuit against chipmaker AMD claiming the chipmaker sold defective chips to the largest contract manufacturer of laptops globally. The Taiwan based Quanta alleged that AMD committed breach of contract by selling products that are defective. The suit has been filed in San Jose, California. It states that the chips sold do not meet the industry-standards and heat the tolerance processes.

Microsoft and accessory manufacturer, Datel, settled a Xbox 360 patent lawsuit and an antitrust litigation against one another. In the month of November 2009, the Staffordshire based company Datel filed a suit against Microsoft Corp and accused the software giant of blocking few Datel accessories from operating via a Xbox 360 dashboard update.