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Resident Evil Revelations Demo Coming Soon to Europe, US

Video game maker Capcom has announced that the demo version of the Resident Evil: Revelations game, which has been already made available to Nintendo 3DS users in Japan, will be made available to games in the United States and Europe.

According to CVG, Capcom head Christian Svensson, while announcing the release of the demo in Japan, failed to give out a European and North American release date but did say that it would release soon.

"A RE: Revelations demo for NA and Europe is coming. In the case of NA, we're awaiting our date confirmation and code approval from NOA (we have a tentative from them, but I'll have to keep you in suspense)," he said.

The company plans to release the game worldwide on January 27, having released the demo for the 3D hand-held gaming device last week in Japan. Gamers can expect the company to release the demo sometime in the next two weeks.

The game is already raking rave reviews across the board in Japan and elsewhere. It would be interesting to see whether other game makers also decide to release a demo of their upcoming games for the 3DS.