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Starbucks Mobile Payment App now Available for iPhone Users in the UK

Starbucks announced recently that a new app is available for iPhone users in the UK that enables them to pay for their drinks and pastries via their mobile, and also includes additional features.

The Starbucks app for iPhone offers the option of reloading a Starbucks loyalty card, and allows users to scan a barcode with their smartphone at the till, which deducts the appropriate amount from their account when purchasing items.

In addition, iPhone owners can use the Starbucks app to find the closest store, to check out nutritional information for their favourite blends, and even design their own perfect drink (skinny decaff triple shot soya caramel macchiato with extra cream).

Facebook and Twitter integration allows users to share their Starbucks experiences (ed: I'm sure we've all had an intriguing encounter with a mysterious stranger in a coffee shop) or to set up appointments at a specific cafe. The service becomes available in 600 UK stores a year after the US release.

US customers who have used the mobile app to pay for their Starbucks accounted for about $110 million. Ian Cranna, Vice-President of Marketing for Starbucks UK explained the interest for this new service available in UK: "Customers are looking for extra value. This scheme allows us to be more personal, rewarding the most frequent customers with extra benefits".

An app for Android users is expected to follow shortly on this side of the Atlantic.