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Swype to Release Virtual Keyboard for Android 4.0 End of January

Smartphone keyboard software developer Swype has announced its plans to release a new version for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of this month.

Swype allows users to type text messages and pretty much everything else on their smartphone more quickly by predictive analysis and the ability to type words in a single motion, without lifting the finger from the virtual keyboard.

"Good news! Official ICS support is near. Final tweaks and testing should be done in time for an anticipated end-of-month beta update," the company informed in a Twitter post. However, the company failed to give an exact launch date for the ICS specific app.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as of now, but OEMs plan to launch a whole army of ICS powered devices in the coming months and Swype clearly wants to jump on the band wagon.

Incidentally, developers have released a hacked edition of Swype which works perfectly on the Galaxy Nexus, BGR reports. Still, an official version would be more stable and worth the wait.