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Transport Minister Calls for Summit to Confront Inaccurate Satnav Maps

Local transport minister, Norman Baker, has called a Whitehall Summit in March, this year, in a bid to shake-up things in satellite navigation domain and have sat-nav companies update their maps.

People with satnav equipment in their car follow the instructions given to them to the letter. However, as the maps are not updated regularly, they end up on roads which are sometimes unsuitable for driving causing accidents and traffic jams or simply are a dead end to nowhere.

The minister has called the meeting to discuss the on-going problems and tell the satnav companies to update their software regularly.

The minister also seeks to give the councils the authority to tell the satnav companies to update their maps with real-time information. If all goes well, drivers will be constantly updated about the routes they need to take.

"Out-of-date directions mean misdirected traffic - a scourge of local communities," the transport minister said in a statement.

"It is vital highway authorities, mapping companies and satnav manufacturers work more closely together to provide drivers with accurate, up-to-date information on traffic restrictions such as narrow roads or low bridges," he added reports The Telegraph.

The satnav summit will take place early in the month of March, with the new measures being implemented after April.