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Man Enters U.S. Using Scanned Image of Passport on his iPad

Border security levels in the United States have been called into question, after a Canadian man managed to convince customs officials to accept an image of his passport displayed on an iPad to be accepted in place of the actual document.

Martin Reisch explained how the border officer agreed to accept the scanned copies of his passport and driver's license after he realised he had left his passport at home, Winnipeg Free Press reports.

The digital tool saved Reisch from having to make a two hour drive back home and he was allowed to cross the border into the US from Quebec. The intrepid Canadian later explained that the officer was initially rather annoyed when he proposed looking at the tablet instead of checking the hard copy.

"He kind of gave me a stare, like neither impressed nor amused," Reisch explained; although in the end, the officer proved to be very understanding about the situation.

The news started to get a lot of attention in the US, as Customs and Border Protection officials are not meant to accept facsimiles or photocopies as valid identification documents. It is obviously far easier to fake a digital image than your actual passport, which has a number of safeguards built-in, such as holograms and other security features.

However, there are always exceptions and it seems that some customs officers rely on their own instinct and judgment, and fortunately for Mr Reisch he ran into one of them.

Perhaps the border official thought to himself, "he's got an iPad, he's surely got to be a great guy!?" (Lucky he wasn't an Android fan!)