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Vertu Releases $$20,815 Mobile Phone to Celebrate Year of the Dragon

Nokia owned luxury mobile phone maker Vertu has released new devices to mark the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The company has launched three new mobile phones for the Chinese Year of the Dragon, which are a part of the Signature Dragon Collection.

The mobile phones come in stainless steel emerald, black stainless steel ruby and yellow gold diamond, Lifestyle Asia reports.

At the back of the devices, there is a four clawed dragon in silver or yellow gold. The dragons took 1.5 days to be completed and were made by more than 4 craftsmen working on a single phone. Making the dragon was a 20 stage process, it was revealed, with craftsmen taking 8 hours to work just on the scales of the dragons.

The mobile phones also feature a Chinese Dragon character on the front written in silver or yellow gold colored ink. Before the craftsmen begin to work on laying the precious stones, the phones are sent to Switzerland to get certification of authenticity. This is very important so users know what they have purchased is real and not a bunch of fake stones.

The devices, which runson the Symbian OS, will cost approximately $20,815 each.