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Microsoft Adds 'Storage Spaces' Feature to Windows 8 OS

Microsoft is planning to improve the storage performance of its yet-to-be launched Windows 8 operating system.

The new feature, called "Storage Spaces," will use a physical storage facility to create data pools. The pools will be created using SATA, USB and Serial Attached ACSI (SAS) disks - pools can be expanded by using additional hardware.

These virtual disks called "spaces" have the ability to turn 4TB of memory space into 10TB. Spaces also provide a layer of resiliency to failures of different physical media.

The company in an official statement said, "With thin provisioning, you can augment physical capacity within the pool on an as-needed basis. As you copy more files and approach the limit of available physical capacity within the pool, Storage Spaces will pop up..," reported The Inquirer.

The company post also explained the required steps to add new disks. Once the user is successful in creating space, it can be used as operators normally use disks.

Another benefit of this feature is that in case a physical drive fails the "Storage Spaces" can automatically regenerate copies of data located in affected spaces.