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Samsung Releases New Range of Wired and Wireless Headphones

Samsung has released a new range of wired and wireless earphones, the company announced.

The new earphones includes a couple of Bluetooth sets, 4 stereo sets, and one that facilitates users both in-ear and open air drivers.

Samsung stated the new line has been designed exclusively to allow users an enhanced gaming, music and video experience.

Amongst the new products, the "Your Sound" line up brings users the EHS-63 "Active Sound" and EHS 60 "Serious Sound", the latter being a budget set equipped with gel-earbuds that works as a passive noise reduction unit.

The "Active Sound" set on the other hand, is based on dual speakers so listeners can keep track of all the happenings in their surroundings.

The Bluetooth headsets, include the HM6000 and HM1800.

"Across all devices, users will experience superior audio, wide frequency performance, in-line audio controls and microphone for placing and answering calls, high-end style, and a comfortable fit," the Galaxy maker announced in a press release.

Samsung suggested that the new set of headphones are aimed at four separate groups of listeners to cater to individual listening preferences.