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Sony to Appoint Kazuo Hirai as New President; Sir Howard Stringer to Remain CEO

Sony has decided that current consumer products chief, Kazuo Hirai, will be the next president of the company when current CEO Sir Howard Stringer steps down.

According to a Japanese news service, the new president will take over by early April, reports Nikkei.

Sir Howard Stringer will still remain the CEO and chairman of the company's board. The executive shuffle, though unconfirmed by the company, will probably be finalised sometime this month.

In June 2011, Hirai took over Sony's Computer Entertainment group. Hirai has been associated with the company since 1984 - under his leadership, he helped turn Sony's PlayStation into a huge success, specifically in US markets.

The company, however, has not yet confirmed this change. A company spokesman said in an email that "This is not a corporate announcement."

The spokesman also stated, "As for Sony's executive officers' appointment for 2012, nothing has been determined yet. We will decline any further comment," as reported by Mashable. Hopefully, the company will make an official statement soon pertaining to who the president of the company will be going forward.