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Sony Launches XQD Memory Cards

Sony has launched a new memory card format for high-end DSLR cameras. The new XQD card is available in two storage capacities - 16GB and 32GB. Along with this Sony has also introduced USB 3.0 and ExpressCard adaptors.

The new memory card will be supported by only those high-end DSLRs where the manufacturer incorporate features to support the technology. As of now, ‘D4' - the latest offering from Nikon, supports the memory card format.

According to claims made by Sony, the new XQD format will be providing data transfer rates of almost up to "1 Gbps (125MB/s) write and read" via PCIe interface. The speed of the memory card is 1.4 times better than the speed of Compact Flash A card, reported Reg Hardware.

The company stated that this new XQD card will be enabling "stable continuous shooting of RAW images" which is possible due to XQD memory card writing "approximately 100 frames" with continuous shooting mode.

The first generation XQD card uses PCI Express technology and is capable of writing files at the speed up to 125 megabytes every second. Interestingly, the future revised version of the memory card promises up to 600 megabytes per second speed.

At present the 16GB XQD is available for $130 and the 32GB card is for $230.