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CES 2012: Vizio To Debut 24 & 27-inch iMac Competitors

The biggest TV company in the US, Vizio, will unveil two all-in-one computers at CES 2012 with both a 24-inch and 27-inch model likely to rival Apple's 21.5-inch and 27-inch products.

Pictures published by TheVerge show that Vizio's soon-to-be-unveiled AIO will look a lot like the Lenovo IdeaPad A310.

Both will be available in May, according to Vizio, which means that they are likely to run using Intel's soon to arrive Ivy Bridge processors.

The firm confirmed that the base unit (containing the motherboard, processor and the rest of the hardware) would be housed in the base of the device.

A Close-up photo of the all-in-one shows that it has a card reader, audio in, an Ethernet or USB 3.0 port, plus what looks to be either a power or a D-Sub port.

Vizio opted for an Apple-like keyboard complete with something that looks similar to an Apple Magic Trackpad and a separate numeric keyboard (or remote control). Other options include a sub-woofer, external optical drives as well as mice.

Vizio doesn't have plans yet to release any of the computers, let alone its other products, outside of North America.