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iOS 5 Bug can Expose Private Photo Albums on an iPhone

A technology consultant recently discovered a glitch that could potentially affect the privacy of iPhone owners, ZDnet reports.

Ade Barkah warns that under certain conditions, iPhone owners risk exposing their photo albums to prying eyes even though the handset may be locked with a passcode.

In a tweet, Barkah details the nature of the iOS 5 glitch: "This vulnerability is simple to test. Just set your iPhone's clock to a time in the past (say, in 2010). Then access the Camera while your phone is still locked. Lo-and-behold, you'll be able to see all your 'protected' images."

The situation occurs after the upgraded iOS 5 delivered to users the option of accessing the camera much more easily than before, even on passcode locked devices.

In theory, this feature should not allow access to photo albums and only photos taken with the last photo session can be shown. However, if the clock is reset to a past time, the security settings don't protect the previously taken images stored on the iPhone.

As expected, Apple hasn't acknowledged the issue described by ZDNet and no fix has been promised so far.