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iPad 3 to Get High-Definition Front-Facing Camera?

As the release date for the next generation iPad approaches the rumour mill is starting to spin frantically. You might have realised by now that this will be the favourite topic on technology sites and amongst Apple fans over the next few months.

The latest buzz on this matter, coming via the Twitter account of editor in chief of iLounge, Jeremy Horwitz, is that the ipad 3 will feature a front camera with high definition for FaceTime.

At the same time, the rear-facing camera will be upgraded to 8 MP resolution, so the most advanced tablet shouldn't be left behind the latest iPhone. The most pessimistic analysts suggest that the iPad 3 will have at least the same camera capabilities as iPhone 4.

After it was presented for iOS devices, in June 2010, FaceTime was perceived as one of Apple's game changing products. However, the video communication technology has yet to really live up to its full potential, and it won't do until Apple releases the open-source code to thrid-party developers, as the company promised to do.

The iPad 3 is, of course, also rumoured to have a Retina Display, which would certainly make the best out of this new feature.

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