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RIM Blackberry PlayBook 64GB Tablet Down To £279

The price of the 64GB version of the RIM Blackberry PlayBook tablet has fallen by £120 in just one month, with Carphone Warehouse now selling the tablet for £279 including delivery.

In comparison, Currys is selling the tablet for £329, down from £399. The tablet was originally on sale until the 17th of October for a whopping £559, which means that Carphone Warehouse has halved the suggested retail price of the tablet.

This is by far the cheapest 64GB tablet on the market; in comparison, the 64GB iPad 2 retails for £559, more than twice the price of the PlayBook.

Even as a bog standard media consuming device, it represents excellent value for money. Like the Amazon Kindle Fire, it has a 7-inch 1024x600 pixel display, a dual core Cortex-A9 SoC clocked at 1GHz and no microSD card slot.

However, it has twice the onboard RAM and eight times the storage capacity. Other additional features include Bluetooth, Flash compatibility, microHDMI and microUSB ports, a two megapixel front facing camera and five megapixel rear camera.

A 16GB version of the tablet can also be had from Currys for only £169 compared to the original selling price of £399.