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Vizio To Launch PC Range To Rival MacBook Air, iMac

Vizio will launch a whole range of Windows-based products in May that may finally bring forth a rival capable of giving Apple a run for its money in terms of design.

Matt McRae, Vizio chief technology officer, told the Financial Times that the Californian company wants to challenge "sleepy giants" in the same way that it managed to outgun Samsung, Sony and other TV companies in the US.

The company has spent two years working on a number of designs that are directly aimed at Apple's most prolific computer products, the MacBook Air and the iMac.

Three notebooks and two all-in-one computers, all running on Windows 7 OS, will be launched at this year's CES 2012 in Las Vegas, with no plans to launch outside North America for now.

Like Apple, Vizio products are designed in the US but assembled in China. Vizio was set to present a smartphone, tablet and a Google TV device at the last CES; and back in June 2011, it showcased an eight-inch tablet.

Vizio appears to be pushing for a four-screen, one ecosystem strategy mimicking those of Samsung, Sony and Apple - with TV, PC, tablets and smartphones with Vizio's VIA ecosystem providing the "glue".