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Acer Announces iCloud Rival AcerCloud at CES 2012

Computer maker Acer has dished out the AcerCloud cloud computing platform for the company's laptop and tablet devices.

According to Mashable, the company revealed the AcerCloud platform at the Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas.

The platform has been designed to allow users to share documents and photos between Acer devices like laptops and tablets. Unlike other cloud sharing and storing services like the Apple iCloud and Amazon's cloud, the AcerCloud will allow users to share files and photos for 30 days after they have been uploaded. The files, instead of the being backed-up on the cloud, will be backed-up to the PC system.

Essentially, users will be able to link the images stored in their Android smartphone for making them accessible on an Acer PC. The company said that it will be providing support for Windows Phone in the near future. Users will be able to share documents between their smartphone and the main PC in similar fashion.

The company is also offering the app which will allow users to stream and download music and videos from the platform. The app does not come with a 30 day limit.

According to Acer, user can access files stored on their computer systems through their phone even when the computer is in sleep mode.