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Apple May Start Using Quad Core A6 Chips in New Devices

The newly released iOS 5.1 beta for developers indicates that Apple is planning to use its rumoured quad core A6 chips in future.

According to an article on 9to5Mac, deep in the recesses of the iOS 5.1 code is processor management software that not only supports the dual core A5 chips but also the quad core processor.

9to5Mac reports that core references in iOS begin with ‘0'. A single core device is denoted by "/cores/core.0," while a dual-core device is represented by "/cores/core.1. The core reference in iOS 5.1 beta is at "/cores/core.3", indicating support for quad core processors.

This discovery sheds some light on Apple's future plans for enhancing the speed of upcoming iPhone and iPad versions. The company started out by offering single core A4 chips for the iPad then moved on to dual core A5 chips for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

A lot of companies are planning to introduce quad core smartphones including Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC, which plans to unveil two quad core smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This is an exciting time for smartphone users and the companies that manufacturer them.