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EA Shuts Bright Light Studio

Game publishing giant Electronic Arts has closed down its Guildford, UK-based studio Bright Light.

The closure has resulted in job losses and relocation of the retained staff to other divisions of the gaming studio. Bright Light has been responsible for developing three Harry Potter games for EA among others.

EA had started the closure procedure back in November 2011, consulting with the staff for the best course of action. The company failed to give specific details about the closure but confirmed to Develop that it was done consulting with the employees.

Develop also reveals that some of the Bright Light staff has moved to other EA studios like Criterion and Playfish while some have taken employment with Supermassive Games and Jagex. It was also revealed that Bright Light general manager Harvey Elliott is no longer working with EA and has taken a break.

EA had said back in October that it was re-evaluating the studio's future to ‘help centralise development on future projects, reduce development costs and will allow for better knowledge and talent sharing within the organisation'. The company said that UK was important for its game development plan.