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Google Maps Update Includes Floor Maps of CES 2012

Google Maps has been updated to provide the floor maps of the Consumer Electronics Show hosted by The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Google's mapping app was updated some time ago with a new feature called Indoor Maps, which provides detailed floor plans for airports and large shopping malls.

Now, visitors to the CES won't have to ask for directions as often. Google Maps is providing detailed floor plans of exhibitions and even step-by-step navigation to booths put up by various companies including Samsung and Nokia, reports Slashgear.

The entire CES has been indexed by Google Maps so users will also be able to access the indoor map offline by caching it.

Users who have not updated the Google Maps app to version 6.0, which has the indoor maps feature, will still be able to access the CES floor map online by searching for ‘Las Vegas Convention Center.'

The maps will no doubt help visitors to the CES to navigate their way around the massive convention and make sure they don't miss a single booth. This year's CES, the last one for Microsoft, will feature a lot of anticipated product announcements like Google TV powered TV sets and new Android smartphones.