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iPad 3 to Feature Significantly Upgraded Cameras

As the release of the next generation iPad approaches, the rumour mill is spinning frantically and technology writers are doing their best to keep up.

One such morsel that has raised a lot of enthusiasm lately, as NetworkWorld reports, is that the iPad 3 will feature a high definition front camera as well as a rear-facing camera which will be a significant improvement, at least matching the latest iPhone, which has an 8 MP resolution.

When it comes to the design, the latest rumours are that iPad 3 will not be significantly different from earlier versions, but under the bonnet is where some impressive new features will be found. Probably the most talked about feature is the high-definition 1536x2048 pixel display which, with 270 ppi, is more than double the pixel density of the iPad 2.

One thing that has cropped up more than a couple of times from analysts and industry observers, is that Apple is planning to release a smaller member of the iPad family, probably with a 7.85-inch screen. This strategy could be a result of the market pressure on Apple to respond to rivals that have released portable tablets appealing to budget-conscious customers, most notably the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

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