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Lords of Dharamraja Hacker Group Leaks Info About Indian Government Spy Tactics

Data released by an Indian hacker group has revealed that Apple, Nokia and RIM signed secret agreements with the Indian government to provide backdoor access to their service in exchange for presence in the Indian market.

Hacker group Lords of Dharamraja stated recently that it had gotten hold of the source code for Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus by hacking into Indian Military servers. The group also released information related to an Indian Military program called Tactical Network for Cellular Surveillance (TANCS).

Under the program, the Indian government had ordered Research in Motion, Nokia and Apple to give it the backdoor access to its communications service in return for a presence in the Indian mobile market, the second largest in the world after China.

The Indian government used this access to spy on members of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

The Pastebin page where the hackers made the post has been removed but a Google cache is available for all to see, as reportedby Computerworld.

"Our Pastebin account was locked and permanently deleted by unknown GVMNT losers. Well we know the reason Y - first of all We do not think Indian Intel is so brainiac, It all comes down to USA LE fagots, since they do not want people know about their Secret Negotiations with Corporations and Governments what concerns CHINESE," the hackers wrote on Pastebin.