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Microsoft Xbox LIVE gaming coming to Google Android and Apple iOS devices

Gadget and technology news website Ubergizmo has published an article relating about Microsoft entering the Android and Apple application market space, by recruiting developers within those very fields. has posted a piece hypothesising that Xbox LIVE mobile gaming might not be exclusive to Windows Phone devices in the future. As although Microsoft hasn't officially announced any plans to bring its games over to iOS and Android devices - a recent job posting on the Microsoft Careers website seems to point at that direction.

The website states that according to the job posting, Microsoft is looking for a software development engineer to work with the Xbox LIVE team "to bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms... Experience of Windows Phone, iOS or Android development is a big plus."

The Seattle based software company could very well just be looking for developers to bring the My Xbox LIVE app to Android and work on the iOS version, but the gadget news website believes it seems quite unlikely from the job description.

Whilst adding, ‘If Microsoft does bring its Xbox LIVE games to other platforms, it would increase its popularity but it would also get rid of one of Windows Phone's selling points.'