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Netflix App Shows Up on PlayStation 3s in UK, Ireland

Ahead of its early 2012 release in UK and Ireland, Netflix app has started making appearance under TV/Video Service section of XMB in the PS3 in UK and Ireland. It is a 13MB file which at present displays a "coming soon" message. The UK and Ireland launch would likely followed by launch in other parts of Europe.

The app is not downloadable as of now and just has options of signing up for more alerts. Netflix has already confirmed that they have closed agreements with BBC Worldwide and with movie studios like Lionsgate UK. MGM and Miramax, reported CVG.

This new service will likely challenge the Lovefilm app. Other details of content, pricing and supported devices will be revealed soon, it seems. In the US, Netflix service can be accessed through PS3, PCs, Xbox 360, Macs, tablet, Wii and also through 3DS.

Netflix is a TV show as well as movie streaming service which allows unlimited streaming of film and TV content in PS3s for monthly subscription fee. At present the service is available in US since 2007, where it also allows people to rent DVDs.

[Image Source: Connected Consoles]