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Nokia Acquires Feature Phone Provider, Smartphone

Smartphone, a Scandinavian tech outfit that makes operating system software for feature phones, has been acquired by Nokia.

Smartphone's main goal is to provide feature phone users a smartphone experience - the company has already made quite a reputation for itself through its unique offerings in the market despite the fact the company made its entry into the competitive OS market a short while ago.

Nokia's own reputation in the feature phone market is almost undisputed - its an area which has helped the company retain a top spot in the industry as the largest mobile phone maker by volume. The company's performance in the smartphone market, however, is declining at an alarmingly high rate.

"I think Nokia is thinking is that the feature phone market alone is not going to sustain it, but it provides a route to smartphone sales," Nick Dillon, analyst at Ovum, stated, Telecoms reports.

"If Nokia can get users in at the lower level with feature phones and then upgrade them as they become more mature phone users," he added.

Industry experts are of the opinion that this new acquisition will help Nokia recover its tight grip over the feature phone market in developing markets.