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Samsung's ChatOn Now Available on Apple's iOS

Samsung recently introduced its cross-platform chatting service ChatOn on Apple's iOS platform after making it available for Android and Bada.

Taking on Apple's own iMessage instant chatting application, the ChatOn app, available from the iTunes App Store and Android Market, allows users to chat with their friends across all prevailing mobile platforms, reports Mobile Burn.

There are already several cross-platform messaging clients available such as WhatsApp. However, Samsung seems keen on offering its own iMessage alternative. It first launched ChatOn for Android in October of last year followed by the Bada version.

The company claimed that it might launch the app for Research in Motion's BlackBerry and the Windows Phone platform sometime in the future. Samsung also plans to make the app available for PC systems.

The iOS app, like the Android and Bada versions, allows users to chat with individuals or hold a group messaging session. It also lets users share photos, videos and voice clips with each other. The app will also let iOS users chat with Android and Bada users. The ChatOn app also features a drawing board to let users share doodles with friends.