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Sci-Fi Series Developed by Tom Hanks Distributed by Yahoo!

Oscar winning actor and Emmy winning producer, Tom Hanks has selected Yahoo! to be the digital distributor of "Electric City," an animated science fiction series created by Hanks, in which he is also producing and starring.

On Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 Hanks will be giving more insight into this new project which will be appear on Yahoo! by late spring.

Yahoo! will be making announcement regarding the distribution agreement. US based Yahoo! is trying to gain more recognition for their TV quality Web shows.

"Electric City" will be the first "original scripted program" to be distributed by Yahoo!. Tom Hanks' production company Playtone in partnership with Reliance Entertainment will produce the 90 minute series.

The series will show Hanks' vision of a future metropolis which is challenged, but not yet doomed, reports The New York Times.

The series will have 20 episodes - every episode will be from three to five minutes in length. Yahoo plans to offer few more features like casual games and interactive maps - all of this will be available in English, Spanish, French and other languages.