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Sky to integrate social networking viewing app on its mobile software

Popular satellite entertainment giant Sky has announced a partnership with augmented reality TV app software company zeebox, which will bring its social networking TV features into Sky's smartphone and tablet applications.

Zeebox is a social networking service and app that is currently available for the Apple iPhone, iPad and on-line where you can see exactly what your friends are watching on TV, or they can see what you are watching - and you can all watch the same program, together.

This is along with being able to switch to the program live on a connected TV, whilst commenting on the happenings of the programs events in real-time - via an integrated Twitter client, using ‘ztags', or even privately between users.

The app also offers up the ability to see what everyone on zeebox is currently watching, not just your friends. This allows you see what is the most popular show is, which saves the effort of trawling through all the program listings, trying to find something interesting to watch.

In turn, this offers the ability to see what everyone will be talking about the next day - which you will now have watched live, instead of catching up with it the following night, whilst not missing out on all the gossip.

Sky will be launching the zeebox integrated apps in the first half of 2012, for its Sky+ and Sky Go service.