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Sony Denies Hirai President Promotion

Sony has denied rumours that when current Sony president and CEO Howard Stringer relaxes his responsibilities, executive deputy president Kazuo Hirai would be taking up the mantle.

It was initially reported that Hirai would receive the promotion by as early as April, though now it's believed the Japanese electronics firm is still looking for someone to take on the president mantle. Mr Stringer is expected to maintain the CEO and chairman positions after another president is decided on.

It was believed Hirai would be offered the position on the basis that he's been moving up the Sony ranks far faster than other members of the organisation. He joined Sony's music division before becoming a key part of the company's game development department in 1995. Just two years later he was credited with completing his first game. He was also a bi-contributor in helping to raise awareness and popularity of the PlayStation in the United States.

In the past year alone he's been promoted twice, eventually taking over Sony's Computer Entertainment group in June 2011.

As of now, there's no word on who will be taking on the presidential position. The idea behind Stringer shedding some of his responsibility is apparently to lighten his monumental work load.