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Waterproof your iPhone with Liquipel Nano Coating

If you know you are not the most careful person with your gadgets and your smartphone might be at risk of taking a dip every once in a while, you should consider Liquipel's solution.

The company offers the option of waterproofing a smartphone in an easy way that does not involve a protective case. Liquipel's coating which protects handsets from water damage relies on an ingenious company owned patent.

A super thin coating acts as a waterproof shield keeping water from messing with electronic devices. The coating is unperceivable to the naked eye and, as the Liquipel official website advertises, "you'd need a powerful microscope to detect the nano sized armor."

Apparently, once the coating process is complete the smartphone owner will never has to worry about water damage. Liquipel acts on a molecular level and the waterproof defence outlasts the device's life span. However, users are not encourage to rely on Liquipel when they go deep sea diving!

The cost for Liquipel's solution is $60, and in order to get life-long protection smartphone owners have to part from their treasured handsets for a day or two while Liquipel does the coating.

The company has announced that it is currently looking into the possibility of working directly with manufacturers.