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YouTube Videos Provide Few Details about New HP Spectre Ultrabook

The second HP Spectre Ultrabook video has been released on HP's YouTube page. Spectre ultrabook is a thin and light laptop from HP. Its first trailer was released on January 2nd.

Both trailers have created lots of curiosity about this device as the specifications have not yet been disclosed or confirmed by the company - this has created even more buzz amongst consumers.

In the first video, a huge number of reflective laptops are shown suspended in mid-air. Then, a two-toned silver and black corner of the Spectre is shown. But even before the lid of the device is fully opened a white light obstructs the view and leaves the viewer asking for more.

Even though the second video is similar to the first video, viewers catch a glimpse of a side profile. The side profile reveals a Beat Audio button, mute button and also a volume knob and then the words appear "Extraordinary Design - Pure Envy," reports PC Mag.

It seems the new HP Spectre ultrabook is all set to make a grand entry in Consumer Electronics Show 2012 this week. This should be an exciting time for both fans of HP and the company as they showcase new products.