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Anonymous Mutiny on the Lulzship

Anonymous has mutinied against its one time "captain" - I thought it didn't have leaders? - TehWongz before he was able to roll over on members and give details to the authorities.

Filled with imagery and metaphor, the Pastebin posting by "Destructive Security" claims that once the collective discovered what "TehWongZ aka CharrieWong" was planning to do, it decided to "stop further dwelling in hypocrisy and maroon him once we have acquired a new boat, and we did."

Apparently the new vessel is a "warship" that allows the hacktivists to crack "all known local wifi connection security," which could lead to some interesting Anonymous activity in 2012.

It was keen to further distance themselves from TehWongZ, saying that "No further involvement with TehWongz will occur, I doubt any of you will recognize our actions of being iniquitous but an action to be celebrated."

Without his involvement, the new anonymous organisation believes it will be able to work at full potential, "targeting government, military, satellites, television, companies, corporations, and much, much more." It ended on a nice note though, wishing its one time ally all the best, sort of.

"Hopefully TehWongz will be able to seek his own ventures now alone, and not threatening the security and anonymity of his fellow crew. Good-Bye TehWongz." Unfortuantely I don't think TehWongz was marooned anywhere as nice as Tahiti.