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Browser Version of 'Cut the Rope' Available Soon for IE9 Users

Recently, Microsoft disclosed that the company very soon will offer a browser version of the popular mobile game Cut The Rope. It will come with set of special levels that can be accessed only by Internet Explorer 9 users - they can also pin this game in the Windows 7 task bar.

Cut The Rope will be available for all HTML 5 browsers. With this move, the company is trying to highlight the special pinning function available between Windows 7 and the latest Internet Explorer 9.

For example, if users want to access extra levels specially created by Microsoft, they must pin the game. This makes the pinning feature essential for users.

The UK's Internet Explorer lead for Microsoft, Gabby Hegarty stated that Pixo Lab along with Zepto Lab has worked on the HTML 5 version in order to showcase this modern browser, reports Tech Radar.

Semyon Voinovm, ZeptoLab Creative Director, commented, "We are excited to work with Microsoft to build a web version in HTML5 that excels on IE9."

Cut the Rope is a very popular game with more than 60 million downloads since its release. From iOS the game has moved to cover the Android platform and DSiware. In August 2010 a sequel, Cut the Rope: Experiments, was released.