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Canonical’s Ubuntu TV Surfaces at CES 2012

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, Canonical is demonstrating "an exciting concept design" of the Ubuntu TV. It is a version of Ubuntu Linux Operating System which will be used to run Television sets.

It is the prototype unit which has been displayed at the CES which has been termed as Ubuntu TV by the company. According to the claims made by Canonical the device has "no cables, no boxes and no hassles" and also provides all TV services without any complex set up or delivery.

The company clarified that the new Ubuntu TV has been designed as a simple integration of online TV services, broadcast TV and applications. Consumers can watch, search, play television programmes, record and also watch millions of TV shows as well as movies, over the internet, in demand.

In fact, the device will also offer shared screen experience with various other devices like Android, iOS as well as Ubuntu devices.

Jane Silber, CEO at Canonical, commented that, "It's an operating system and experience for your television". The company expectation from this operating system is that manufacturers of Television will make Ubuntu base of their smart television sets.

Silber, further added that, "We're focusing on making the TV intuitive and usable again, with a single, elegant interface", reported PC World.