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Create 3D Sculptures with Sculpteo App for iPhone, iPad

A creative app for iOS devices, enables users to design 3D sculptures which can then be transformed into physical objects to make a personalised collection, or novel gifts for friends.

The app, announced by Sculpteo, a 3D printing service, lets users design 3D objects, upload the projects into the cloud and a few days later, the wannabe artist will receive in the mail the result of his or her inspiration.

If the user is attracted by the novelty of this app but the artistic inspiration eludes him (or her), Sculpteo encourages iPhone owners to send pictures of themselves or of their friends, which can then be converted into a 3D image from which a personalised vase is created.

Sculpteo is working alongside designers, like Jean-Louis Frechin, to find ways of using human data, such as facial profiles, to generate personalised designs.

According to the customer's preference, Sculpteo can deliver a bowl, a plate, or a mug, all in glazed ceramic. While the app is available for free, the objects have a wide range of prices, depending on the size and the design complexity.

A vase can cost up to $300 while for a small cup the customer can pay about $70.