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Foxconn Xbox 360 Plant Staff Threaten Mass Suicide

Reports are filtering in that on the 2nd January some 300 Foxconn employees went to the roof of the factory in Wuhan China and threatened to throw themselves off, in protest of their promised compensation being denied.

These workers - who manufactured Xbox 360 parts at the facility - requested a pay rise on 2nd January. Foxconn's counter offer on that same day, was that they could continue to work at their current wage, or quit and receive compensation. Many chose the latter option, though the offer was quickly rescinded with no one receiving compensation of any sort.

From there the several hundred strong affected, took the roof top of the facility, every one of them threatening to throw themselves off if they didn't receive the promised compensation. Kotaku (opens in new tab) has it that it took the intervention of the Wuhan mayor to talk down those involved, eventually getting all 300 to step off the roof on the 3rd January at 9PM.

This isn't the first time Foxconn has been involved in worker suicides. 2010 saw several employees at Apple production facilities run by Foxconn take their own lives, prompting much worldwide condemnation - though little reduction in iPhone or iPad sales. Foxconn's ridiculous solution was to attach netting around the building to prevent people from jumping to their deaths. The company also created stress relief rooms where workers could relax or attack blow-up dummies.

All of this instead of providing pay rises, reducing working hours or improving the conditions of the fabrication facilities.

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