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iCade Turns Your iPhone into a Mini Arcade Gaming Cabinet

For those who long for the good old days of the classic 80s arcade games, there is a new device among the many sleek gadgets that will mesmerise visitors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Ion Audio has unveiled iCade Junior, a mini gaming cabinet with built-in joystick and buttons, designed for iPhone and iPod touch. The iCade gadget has a Bluetooth connection with the iOS device and the physical buttons of the game controller set the user free from touchscreen.

iCade has already been released for the iPad, and old school gamers have been very enthusiastic about it on the whole, even though you have to assemble the arcade cabinet yourself (which is apparently not too difficult), and games have to offer iCade support.

The fact that iCade only works with Atari's greatest hits has not been s turn off for the iOS retro gaming community, but hopefully with the iPhone\iPod version old classics from Taito, Namco and the like will be arriving soon.

Participants at the CES unveiling event were only able to take a short glimpse at iCade Mobile. The iPhone gaming cabinet will be released on the market later this year for $80.