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ICANN Going Ahead with New Generic Top Level Domain Launch

Despite of various objections made by US regulators regarding security concerns, ICANN is going ahead with the launch of generic Top Level Domains (gLTDs) and will start accepting applications from Thursday.

Businesses will have three months, from 12th January to 12th April, to send their application for registering any word as their domain name, for example, .man, .wales, .itproportal and so on and so forth, however, the word must contain non-Latin characters. Brand names will be allowed. At present there are 22 gTLDs which includes .com, .edu, .org etc.

Chief executive of ICANN, Rod Beckstrom, confirmed that ICANN is all set to kick start the new gLTD programme according to the schedule. However, this extravagant plan has been facing criticism from the regulators in US. In a letter [PDF] to ICANN Federal Trade Commission has warned of, "the potential for significant consumer harm resulting from the unprecedented increase in new gTLDs."

On the other hand, on a blog post, Beckstrom said, "We carefully reviewed every critical aspect". "Each executive was called on to indicate whether his or her group is fully prepared to fulfil their role", he added.