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Intel Demos Multiple Ultrabook Laptop Models at CES 2012

Intel has demoed several Ultrabook laptop models that come with cutting edge features bound to catch the imagination of many.

The company, at its event held during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, unveiled Ultrabook devices capable of recognising hand gestures made by users, endowed with the ability to receive voice commands without users wearing a headset, reports the BBC.

The gesture controls have been designed to let users achieve more productivity and create more content with their hands. Meanwhile, the voice recognition technology,powered by Nuance, will let users control operations using voice commands, adding more to the touchless control features of the Ultrabooks laptops.

In this year's CES, it is expected that more than 50 Ultrabook laptops will be launched, including those from Hewlett Packard, Acer, Asus, LG and Lenovo. The company also demoed hybrid Ultrabook laptops capable of turning into tablets when their lid is closed.

"We started six months ago to deliver ultrabooks and are ramping as we speak. We would like average people to be able to enjoy the ultrabook experience, because you know the first ones were $999 or more," said Intel vice president Mooly Eden during the presentation.