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Intel Singing 'Ultrabook' Song at CES 2012

Ultrabook, it seems, is the keyword during this year Consumer Electronics Show and Intel Corp. in their keynote address at the CES focused at some amazing Ultrabooks campaigns under the tag line "A New Era in Computing".

Intel's vice president of advertising and digital marketing, Kevin Sellers, "It's going to be very epic--it's going to be very cinematic, and we are going to tell a great story," reported Wall Street Journal.

The latest campaign focuses on totally new capabilities rather than only on the size or weight of the devices. At the CES 2012 event few of such new features were demonstrated by vice president and general manager of Intel's client group, Mooly Eden.

In view of competition from tablet styled computers, Intel is planning to bring a line of Utlrabooks which provides what the tablet provides. For example, Mr. Eden displayed a clamshell like Ultrabook which has a touchscreen that can be used in place of trackpad or keyboard. Similarly another amazing concept model was Nikiski, in which a part of display screen is always visible even when the system is closed.

These features show that Intel has very extensive plans for its Ultrabooks venture and some great features to treat its consumers.