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iPhone Almost Neck-and-neck with Android, Thanks to iPhone 4S

In the first two months of the holiday quarter, there was a significant shift on the US smartphone market; the main reason being the arrival of Apple's much hyped iPhone 4S, TechCrunch reports.

Since the release of Apple's latest handset at the beginning of October, the main rival Android has seen a decline from 60% market share to 47%, while iOS leapt from 26% at the beginning of the third quarter to 43% at the end of November.

In third place, Research in Motion lost 2% in October and November and now only accounts for a 6% OS share when it comes to smartphone sales. The declining trend seems hard to stop for BlackBerry, the company ended 2010 with a 19% market share, the same as iOS, and it will need a serious revamp to regain its lost reputation.

However, it is hard for any other company to stand a chance against the two main players, iOS and Android, who own 90% of the US smartphone market. Amid this "two horse race", as market research firm NPD characterises the situation, smartphone penetration continues to rise in the US.

Within the top ten models sold in US in October and November, Apple holds the first three positions with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, followed by Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II, NPD's figures show.