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Microsoft Accepting Submissions from Six New Countries for Windows Marketplace

Microsoft has announced that developers of Windows Phone applications would now be able to distribute their apps and games to 6 new markets via submission to App Hub. The new markets are China, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Peru.

Developers would need to be aware of additional requirements while submitting apps to China, Malaysia and Indonesia as these apps will be subject to local laws, norms as well as regulations. These requirements are provided in the Application Certification Requirements in the official website, reported Microsoft Team Blog.

The official blog said that despite the unavailability of Marketplace in these countries, the reason behind early opening of apps submission is that developers would get a head start compared to others. Developers from these new areas can also choose to publish the app either "worldwide" in 41 markets or selected few specific markets.

While selecting to publish worldwide the additional requirements have to be met and in case the app fails to get certificate the developer must update it and resubmit it to meet all the country specific requirements and in case still the app finds it hard to make then de-select the markets where the requirements are a problem. The process might seem long but all of it is worth it.