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Microsoft Files Lawsuit Against Motorola Mobility in London

Microsoft recently filed a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility Holdings in the High Court of London. Motorola Mobility is on the verge of being acquired by Google.

The court papers filed on December 23rd do not disclose details of Microsoft's claim. Microsoft initiated the lawsuit three days after the company won a ruling by the US International Trade Commission over various claims of infringement of Microsoft patents by Android based devices.

The US ruling came two weeks after a ruling in a German court where Microsoft made similar claims against Motorola Mobility.

The US International Trade Commission found that few Android phones features use some licensed technologies without permission to do so, reports Bloomberg.

As to the most recent UK lawsuit, a spokeswoman for Microsoft, Lacretia Taylor, refused to make any official comment. Motorola also failed to provide a statement about the lawsuit.

Google stated that on August 15th it would be buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in order to get all the patents that can be utilised to tackle lawsuits that target Android powered smartphones and tablet computers.