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Microsoft Sells Over 66 Million Xbox 360 Consoles Worldwide

Microsoft has revealed that its Xbox 360 console has sold more than 66 million worldwide since its launch.

As a follow up to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company stated in a blog postthat Xbox 360 was the first in console sales to reach the milestone. Microsoft said that Xbox Live had now more than 40 million users worldwide.

The company also revealed that Kinect, launched almost an year ago, has taken the gaming market by storm, with the company selling more than 18 million Kinect sensors. Ballmer also announced in the keynote that the company will be launching Kinect for Windows in the next few weeks.

Microsoft, which won't be giving any more keynotes at the CES, also revealed that the Windows Phone app Marketplace had more than 50,000 apps, with 300 new apps being added every day.

The company also bragged that its Windows 7 operating system is the fast selling OS ever, selling more than 500 million licenses since launch. This means that the company sold seven Windows 7 licenses every second.